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All of the pages on this website are devoted primarily to songwriters.  However, the page (on the left) identified as "Samples Of Our Music" is a subset of our catalog and may be enjoyed by anyone.


We are hearing from literally thousands of you expressing your appreciation for our approach as a publisher.  This has validated our belief in how we have chosen to grow the business.  Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of change in the music industry.  We believe that in the rush to grab the gold, one segment has been ignored - the songwriter.  With the founding of this company, we hope to change that.


We wish you well in all of your interests, Danny Traynor and Jim Donaldson - James Donaldson Publishing Group, LLC





James Donaldson Publishing Group, LLC is committed to bringing the best songs to the music industry.  To do this, it is imperative that we find the best songwriters in the world.


We have created some rather unique programs to  attract songwriters and we are now signing single song contracts with those who meet the high standards of our current catalog.


As you read through this website, we hope that one thing JUMPS out at you: We are dedicated to giving the independent songwriters opportunities that simply can't be found anywhere else.  In doing this, we expected and have found that the best songwriters are joining our group. 


Please read on...


We are now offering an industry first - Songwriters' Profit Sharing The details of this program will astound you and are covered on the Songwriter's Benefits page.


Additionally, our single song contracts have arbitration as a method of dispute resolution.  This gives the songwriter the most fair and economical path should a disagreement arise.  We have made a 2 year reversion clause a standard component in our single song contracts because it is our belief that if we can't get a cut on your song within a couple of years, we don't want (and you don't want) it sitting in the corner collecting dust. 


We have also created an industry first Continuing Education Program (CEP).  This gives all of the songwriters (who have songs in our catalog) an opportunity to continually improve their songwriting skills... and maybe make a little money along the way!  The full details can be found by clicking on the link below (Songwriter's Benefits).


We have often encouraged many of you to do more co-writing.  Even the best songwriters in the world often co-write.  CEP would be just the opportunity to begin this effort.  Through this program we hope to provide a means for you to "hook up" with other songwriters and improve your songwriting skill set.  Also, from time to time, Danny Traynor (VP/Dir. of A&R) will be inviting some of you to do a co-write.   If your situation permits, you should strongly consider his offer.  In either case, we're betting that you will find it both fun and informative.  Who knows, maybe a big hit will come out of the effort.  Check out all the details of CEP in the Songwriter's Benefits   page.




Have you ever heard of a publisher offering a songwriter 10% of the publisher's royalty?  Now you have.  Check out the Songwriter's Benefits  page for full details of this incredible offer.



" We have fashioned much of our single song contracts from the suggestions recommended by the Songwriter's Guild but in many ways we are going beyond even what that organization suggests...", Danny Traynor, VP and Director of A & R , James Donaldson Publishing Group.




Our business model is not to build a big catalog and offer it for sale.  If you really think about it, the model which we have embraced does not lend itself to a catalog sale.  No one would want to buy a catalog which only included 2 year reversion contracts and that is fine by us... but there is another facet to the 2 year reversion.  It ensures that the catalog will be constantly refreshed with the latest trends in the music industry. 


And finally, if you get a song in our relatively small catalog you can rest assured that you have what it takes to make it in this business and therefore, DO NOT limit yourself to thinking about getting a major release...  it's just as easy to envision your song as the first of a string of big hits.  Your vision will do wonders for our efforts.


Please review the Songwriter's Benefits page and look at the unique opportunities that we offer those who become a part of the family.



"Our business model is rather simple - find the best songwriters and then treat them as a valuable resource"  Jim Donaldson, President - James Donaldson Publishing Group



" Our business model is rather simple - find the best songwriters and then treat them as a valuable resource "

" When a company's most valuable resource is the songwriter, all of  these things just become common sense "